Bio-Pro Lotion

Bio - pro Lotion is a biological preparation based on the selective strain of Verticillium lecanii also emulsifier and some excipients.

*Mode of action:
- Bio - pro Lotion has the ability to control pests by using Verticillium lecanii spores on the leaves that will parasite on harmful insects, and also through emulsifiers as well as chemicals that increase the adhesion to the leaves when spraying.
- Some other ingredients in excipients block breathing holes, inhibit breathing, reduce the ability to eat, reproduce harmful insects ....

Bio - pro Lotion effectively controls the economically important pests of crops such as aphids, Thrips, Larval of whitefly.

*Target crop:
Cereals, Vegetables, Flower, Orchard & Fruit, Ornamental, Beverage crop…

*Method Applications:
Foliar application: The products should be sprayed on growing plants using hand, ground or aerial equidment. Watering 2 leaf surface.

- When using Bio- Pro Lotion, care must be taken with the succulent plants, buds, etc.
- Application in the morning or evening. Keep humidity for plant/soil 60 -70%.

Liquid: 5cc/1 lit water

*Shelf life
Liquid: 2 months

Liquid: 100 ml