Bio-Pro Nema

Bio - pro Nema is a biological insecticide based on a selective strain of naturally - occurring entomopathogenic fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus. The products contains spore and mycelial fragments of P.lilacinus. It is available in liquid (1 x 109 CFU’s/ml) and powder (1 x 1010 CFU’s/gm) formulation.

*Mode of action:
- The spore of Paecillomyces lilacinus acts by infecting, parasitizing and killing eggs, juveniles and young adults of most phytophagous nematode species.
- When the spore of Bio - pro Nema comes in contact with different stages of the Nematodes, they germinate and grow and proliferate throughtout the Nematode eventually paralysing the Nematode leading to the death of the Nematode.

- Bio - pro Nema controls effectively the economically important nematodes like root knot Nematodes, burrowing nematoddes, cyst nematodes, …among wide range of crops.
- Helps to increase the productivity by containing the nematode pest.

*Target crop:
Cereals, Vegetables, Flower, Orchard & Fruit, Ornamental, Beverage crop…

*Method Applications:
Soil Application : Mix 5 kg with organic fertilizer/ well decomposed organic manure/field soil/any other organic carrier and applied around the rhizophere uniformly for existing crops in the field. The best effective when treating before planting, Bio –pro Nema reaches a depth of 5-30cm (presence of Nematodes in the soil). Keep the humidity for soil 60-70%.

*Treatment diseases: 5gm/litres of water.
Bio - pro Nema powder formulation is to be mixed in water and filter the contens well to separate out extrabeous particle if any. After filtering with appropriate filters it can be incorporated ino the soil through the drip irrigation systems during the pre or post planting stage.(Soak in the water about 15 -30 minutes, addition 1% Tobon or sunlight to filt more easy).

- Bio-pro Nema compatible with neem and other bio-pesticide products. Don’t tank mix Bio - pro Nema with Dolomite/fungicides/Nematicides.
- Application in the morning or in the evening. Keep humidity for soil 60 -70%.

- Liquid : 2 L/1000 m2
- Powder : 2 kg/1000 m2

*Shelf life:
- Liquid: 2 months
- Powder : 1 year

- Liquid: 1 Litres
- Powder: 1 Kgs