Bio-Pro Topbaco

Bio - pro Topbaco is a biological fungicide containing the cells of rhizobacteria, Pseudomonas fluorscens. The product is a available in liquid (1010 bacteria cells/ml) formulation and 109 CFU’s/gram with powder formulation.

*Mode of action:
- Bio -pro Topbaco controls the pathogens by winning the competition for food in the substrate.
- Antibiosis: Bio - pro Topbaco offers a long - lasting control against the pathogens by secreting secondary metabolites which exhibit antibiosis effect on the pathogen.

Bio proTopbaco controls disease causing pathogens which cause root rot, root wilt, seedling rot and color rot disease in crops like : Pythium spp, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Botrytis, Alternerianp…

*Target Crops:
Cereals, Vegetables, Cut & Pot Flower, Orchard & Fruit, Ornamental, Beverage crop…

*Method Applications:
Treatment diseases :
- Suppend Bio -pro Topbaco in sufficient water to achieve uniform application.
- Bio -pro Topbaco can be applied through low pressure watering nozzles such as fan nozzles or other watering systems.
- Bio - pro Topbaco should be thoruoghly mixed with water and allowed to stand for 10 -15 minutes. Decant into a clean container and use it on the same day.

- Bio-pro Topbaco is compatible with Bio - Fungicide . Don’t tank mix Bio - pro PF with herbicides and pesticides.
- Application in the morning or evening.

- Liquid: 2 cc/lit water
- Powder: 2 gram/lit water

*Shelf life:
- Liquid: 2 months
- Powder: 6 month

- Liquid: 1 Litres
- Powder : 1 kgs