Bio-Pro Tricho

Bio - pro Tricho, is a biological fungicide containing the conidia spore and the mycelial fragments of the selective strain of antagonistic fungus, Trichoderma asperrellum, Trichoderma spirale, Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma reesei. The product is availavle in liquid (106 per ml) and powder (109 per gm) forulation.

- Bio- pro Tricho controls the disease - causing pathogens such as: Fusarium sp, Rhizoctonia sp, Pythium, Phytopthrora,..
- Enhanced root development, enhanced nutrient uptake and solubilization of soil nutrients.
- Changes in the microfloral composition on roots and in the soil.
- Used to compost organic fertilizer, treatment of the substrate, soil.
- Combine with Bio -pro Nema to control root -knot Nematodes.

*Target Crops:
Cereals, Vegetables, Cut & Pot Flower, Orchard & Fruit, Ornamental, Beverage crop…

*Method Application:
- Composting & Treatment subtrates: Mix 1 kg with 1m3 subtrates (coco-peat, organic waste,..) to achieve a uniform application.
- Soil Application: : Mix the required quanity of Bio - pro Tricho (5 litres or 5kg for 1000 m2 with organic fertilizer/field soil/top soil or any other agriculturally potent locally available organic carrier and mix it well and apply uniformly. (Keep humidity for soil 60-70%).
- Treatment diseases : 2kg/1000 m2 with powder products or 2lit/1000 m2 with Liquid products.
- Bio - pro Tricho can be applied through low pressure watering nozzles such as: drip/drench/spinkle systems after filtering with filter (filter with powder formulation.). (Soak 15 -30 minutes, after that filter to colect spore. Can use the residue using compost).
- Cereals, Vegetables, Cut & Pot Flower…: Mix 2kgs products with organic fertilizer use for 1000 m2 , apply before planting. It is possible 5 kgs products in 200 liter water, apply by spkinler or drip systems.
- Orchard & Fruit, Ornamental: Mix with organic fertilizer directly around the tree. Should create a groove fopr the root with radius of 30- 50 cm, watering enough for the soil. Depending on the season, use irrigation water.

Don’t use any chemical and fungicide after application of Bio -pro Tricho.
Applications during early stages of plant growth protect the plant during critical stages of development.
Application in the morning or in the evening.

- Liquid: 2 L/1000 m2
- Powder: 2 kg/1000 m2

- Liquid: 1 Litres
- Powder: 1 Kgs