Dalat Hasfarm launches its new website with amazing features

Dalat Hasfarm launches its new website with amazing features



March 2018, Dalat Hasfarm Ltd. makes one step further by launching its new corporate website at www.dalathasfarm.com. Giving a fresh and modern look to this tool, visitors will have access to a number of new features and utilities that will give them a friendly-using experience. The new website has become the official digital news portal, with latest updates about events and activities conducted by the company. Products and services being offered by Dalat Hasfarm are quickly available, with lots of information to be gathered either users are domestic or from oversea.


Modern design, advanced features


Dalat Hasfarm’s new website shows a clean and simplified design. The functionalities are improved and the user-friendly interface is contributing to a great navigating experience. With an increased speed capacity, visitors now can easy navigate through the site with just a few clicks.  In addition, the responsive-based design also helps the new website to be compatible with all browsers (Windows, Android, iOS,) and mobile devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet…).


Developed on the comprehensive and systemized layout, the new website aims to give visitors a good overview of Dalat Hasfarm right from the homepage. Users will also have a quick access to all information related to products and services that they are interested in. All the product groups of Dalat Hasfarm such as Cut Flowers, Pot Plants, Young Plants and Bio-Pro® are highlighted in a singular but professional way. Company activities and career opportunities at Dalat Hasfarm are also available for consult.


Your reliable source of information about fresh flowers


As the leading professional flower supplier in the South-East region, Dalat Hasfarm stays pro-active in updating product information and latest trends of the floral business. Therefore, the new website offers partners and customers from both domestic and international markets a full overview of the company activities in duo-language, English and Vietnamese.

From the homepage, visitors can find an enriched content related to Dalat Hasfarm such as establishment period, business philosophy, and vision statements. All product categories being produced by the company are also accessible, with specific details of product varieties, origins, care-tips, vase/shelf-life, products’ featured images. This demonstrates the professionalism of an industry-leading company who is putting efforts to support their partners, wholesalers, retailers and end-consumers, with transparency and clear access to product specifications.




The most exciting highlight in the new website is the tool “Find your nearest store” - which helps customers to be able to search for their nearest retail shops/supermarket outlet/ distribution center depending on where they are located at this precise moment.


Another feature that will keep users visiting the new website www.dalathasfarm.com, is the possibility to explore virtually the company's greenhouses, where all the best-selling products such as Roses, pot Begonias, an Kalanchoes will appear lively in many vivid and eye-catching pictures. An exciting journey on the computer is real and worth to try, to give people a step further in discovering the professional flower cultivation.

We are very proud to launch our new corporate website, which will provide visitors many enriched content with continuous updates about our assortment and company developments. In the globalized and digital era we are living in, this tool will help our domestic and oversea customers to stay informed on new trends and explore new opportunities for their market. We believe that origin counts and that every buyer of our flowers and plants is looking for transparency on product specifications and quality insurance through the supply chain of our products” – said Mr Laurent Mossan, Retail and Marketing Manager of Dalat Hasfarm.


The launch of the new website is one of Dalat Hasfarm's innovative approaches to strengthen its position as the leading professional flower supplier in South-East Asia. It is aimed to become a reliable source of information which will connect customers and flower lovers.

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